Former WWE star Jack Swagger is victorious in second MMA bout in controversial circumstances

Jack Swagger

Earlier this year, Jack Swagger became the latest former WWE superstar to try his hand in the world of MMA.

Swagger was a rising star in the sports entertainment world when he debuted on the ECW roster in 2008, and was a world champion on the brand just four months after his first appearance.

Being a collegiate wrestler made Swagger very attractive in the eyes of WWE, and you know the company rate you when they strap the World Heavyweight Championship on you.

That's exactly what happened to Swagger in 2010, but in reality this is where his sports entertainment career peaked.

Several years later of mediocrity and mid-card purgatory followed, before it became too much in 2017 and Swagger requested to leave for pastures new.

Having left WWE over two years ago now, Swagger is still a wrestler for Lucha Underground, but announced his intentions to compete in MMA and was signed by Bellator in late 2017.

His first match, under his real name Jake Hager, was at Bellator 214 back in January, where he defeated J.W. Kiser in just over two minutes, and to be fair it wasn't much of a challenge.

And the nay-sayers were back out in force again earlier this week when pictures were unveiled of the face-off between Hager and his opponent this weekend - T.J. Jones.

Jake Hager and his opponent from last night's Bellator card - T.J. Jones

That's exactly what it proved to be, as Swagger decisively ran out victorious in two minutes and 36 seconds, with the same arm-triangle choke used that he finished Kiser with.

But there was controversy amidst the finish - Jones had submitted to the choke and Hager refused to let go - something the crowd in Chicago weren't impressed with.

Hager then partook in a very strange post-fight interview which was littered with boos, and he stated that he was 'rock hard right now with emotion'.

Speaking about the choke that he kept locked in far after Jones had submitted, Hager said: “I meant no disrespect, but you’re going to have to make me stop.

"I thought the referee was him. You all can boo me all you want, but you’re not in here right now... I knew once I got on top, he’s not getting up.”

Hager/Swagger isn't going to win many fans with his actions and attitude, but any publicity is good publicity, right?

The end goal may be to return to the WWE with a freshened up, enhanced reputation, and these are the kind of reactions that will probably get Vince McMahon's attention.

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