Basketball England launches #ProjectSwish to help provide a facelift to outdoor courts in the UK

Basketball England

A new summer project from Basketball England will aim to put nets on baskets across the country and give players more enjoyment from playing the sport outdoors.

Basketball England is launching #ProjectSwish – a new initiative that aims to put 1,000 basketball nets on outdoor hoops with the help of local players. “For me, in basketball, there is nothing more satisfying than the sound of a swish,” Basketball England Senior Delivery Manager, Peter Griffiths said.

“#ProjectSwish is a fantastic new initiative that will benefit basketball players of any age or ability to get more enjoyment out of playing. Plus, it helps us locate courts around England and focus on potential courts to revamp.”

Having a net attached to a basket makes a real difference to the enjoyment of playing basketball, from the pleasing sound of a swish to not having to retrieve the ball from a great distance when you score. 

Plus, a court always looks better with nets on each rim. Not only can players help make a difference to their local court with #ProjectSwish, but the new programme also carries the dual aim of helping to extend Basketball England’s knowledge of outdoor courts. With a greater database of outdoor venues, that information will help identify potential areas for redevelopment going forward.

Recipients of a free net can help Basketball England increase the ‘Find A Court’ database by posting a picture of their newly installed net on social channels with the court’s location and the #ProjectSwish hashtag. This is an initiative will help with the lack of access to courts in the UK. Basketball is the second most participated sport in the UK and a sport that is growing across that board, it is refreshing to see this initiative. 

To get a net for your local court or area, you can get involved by visiting  www.basketballengland.co.uk/projectswish

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