Clause in Lars Sullivan's contract allows $100,000 fine from WWE


Lars Sullivan has been in the media spotlight recently for all the wrong reasons, as his past controversial comments have been circulating around the internet once more.

WWE's sponsors caught wind of The Freak's past comments on bodybuilding forums and they prompted the company to take action in terms of hard discipline against the SmackDown superstar.

WWE responded by issuing Sullivan a $100,000 fine which many people thought was a fabricated figure, but apparently, this isn't the case.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, via Cageside Seats, the $100,000 penalty is 'real'. This figure was picked as WWE wanted the fine to be a substantial amount to satisfy sponsors, but they also didn't want to fire him.

$100,000 is likely close to what The Freak made performing in NXT in all of last year. It’s not confirmed how the fine will be paid, but it could be deducted in increments from future paychecks.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, via Ringside News, noted as well that there was a clause within Sullivan's contract with the WWE that has allowed the company to fine the superstar this high amount.

His contract states: “Wrestler shall act at all times with due regard to public morals and conventions during the term of this agreement.

"If wrestler shall have committed or shall commit any act or do anything that is or shall be an offense or violation involving moral turpitude under federal, state or local laws, or which brings wrestler into public disrepute, contempt, scandal or ridicule, or which insults or offends the community or any employee, agent or affiliate of promoter or which injures wrestlers’ reputation in promoter’s sole judgment, or diminishes the value of wrestler’s professional wrestling services to the public or promoter, then at the time of any such act, or any time after promoter learns of any such act, promoter shall have the right to fine wrestler in an amount to be determined by promoter; and promoter shall have the right to immediately suspend wrestler and/or terminate this agreement pursuant to Section 12.”

The good news is that it truly sounds like Sullivan wants to right his wrong and become a better person, as fellow WWE superstar Titus O'Neil has said Lars has personally got in touch with him.

O'Neil also praised WWE and Vince McMahon for the action which they have taken in order to address the issue.


He said in a tweet: "[email protected] I Applaud you for seeking out myself&Others on the @WWE Roster to not only Sincerely Apologize, But also seek Guidance as to how to move forward in being a Better Human Being than you were 9years ago.

"Nobody is Perfect Including Thank you @VinceMcMahon 4Taking action!!"

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, via Ringside News, noted as well that The Freak's reported anxiety attack before he was supposed to debut on the main roster before WrestleMania earlier this year was caused by him worrying about the repercussions from WWE after the story about his past posts broke.

It now seems this issue is behind Sullivan and that he has a clear path to be a successful superstar in the WWE, but his past may stop him from ever being a future WWE Champion.

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