Mick Foley to unveil a new WWE championship on Monday Night Raw

Mick Foley

WWE will start the build for the June 7 event of Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia tonight on Monday Night Raw, with some already huge matches confirmed to take place.

But first the fall-out from Money In The Bank will need to be addressed.

Brock Lesnar is expected to be present having shockingly claimed the victory in the titular main event, and there's every chance he could challenge Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship that he lost at WrestleMania 35.

The event threw up many more surprises, none more-so than an unexpected advertisement for Monday Night Raw the following night.

The graphic stated that former General Manager of Raw Mick Foley would be returning to the red brand to unveil WWE's latest championship belt.

It has to be noted that WWE worded it as a brand-new title and not just a freshened-up title belt for an existing, active strap.

It is very interesting that the company are bringing in yet another new championship when their last main roster title that was introduced - the Women's Tag Team Championships - have hardly been prominent so far.

With Foley being brought in for the big unveiling, the speculation is swirling that the Hardcore Championship may be being re-introduced after being retired in 2002.

Mick Foley will unveil a new WWE championship on Raw, with rumours that it may be the re-introduction of the Hardcore Championship

But with a PG rating to adhere to, a hardcore division in 2019 probably would not live up to the expectations of the WWE Universe.

The idea of a 'legends' championship with The Undertaker and Goldberg going one-on-one at Super ShowDown in a few weeks has been speculated too which would certainly be an intriguing concept.

A new title will take the current number of belts within the main roster and NXT brands to a grand total of 18, and it will be the 11th on the main roster.

Overkill? We will let you fans be the judge of that one

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