Stephanie McMahon admitted AEW are competition in a meeting with WWE superstars

Stephanie McMahon

The wrestling world is just five days away from something monumental, as All Elite Wrestling will broadcast their first ever event live from Las Vegas.

The likes of Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Chris Jericho, The Young Bucks and others will all be in action at Double Or Nothing which will be in-front of a sold out 20,000 crowd inside the MGM Grand Arena.

Chris Jericho said on Busted Open Radio this week that he thinks a new 'wrestling war' is emerging between the two companies, but we will only really be able to judge that when we see viewing figures for both Double Or Nothing and their debut on television.

Chris Jericho will be one of the stars in action at All Elite Wrestling's first ever event - Double Or Nothing

And it appears as though the television deal that AEW has finally secured has changed the outlook from the 'big leagues' forever.

The Wrestling Observer reported on a pre-Money In The Bank meeting for WWE superstars, which was hosted by Stephanie McMahon.

And in the meeting, per Fightful, WWE officials reportedly called AEW 'competition' despite Triple H calling the promotion 'piss-ant' at the Hall of Fame ceremony last month.

That's some 180 degree turn.

Also talked about in the meeting were social media numbers, and having to compete with video games, movies and streaming services.

Stephanie McMahon headed a backstage meeting for WWE superstars yesterday, where she referred to AEW as 'competition'

It seems pretty broad but the main take-out of it all was actually referring to AEW as their 'competition' now.

Their weekly show will be going on TNT in the United States at prime-time and with Double Or Nothing coming up in five days time, the interest surrounding Chris Jericho and co is at an all-time high since they were founded.

We now may see Vince McMahon try a bit harder in relation to his weekly shows - Money In The Bank was doing great until the arrival of Lesnar but the positives of last night far outweighed the negatives.

But there was so much criticism of the Lesnar move, plus their next event in Saudi Arabia coming up in a few weeks isn't going down well at all, so maybe we will see a lot more tune into AEW than first thought.

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